The Ultimate Millenial Guide | How to: Dress for a Tech Interview

I am going to keep this simple! Here are the four key items that make up the perfect, tech-appropriate interview outfit:

Breezy Blouse

The breezy blouse is a figure flattering item that will easily stand on it’s own and also pair well with a structured jacket. Don’t have a breezy blouse in your closet – check out some options below – all under $100!

The Perfect Pant

Personally, I am not a fan of skirts for an interview. They tend to look too stuffy or too feminine and finding something in between is damn near impossible, which is why I stick with the perfect pant. Three styles come to mind that work well in a tech environment; peg trousers, wide leg trousers, and dark denim.

Structured jacket

The structured jacket exudes professionalism and is the piece that will bring your whole interview look together. This also allows you to gauge the “feel” of the office once you are in the interview space. If it is more formal, keep the jacket on and if it is less formal take the jacket off! I have curated some options below in all price ranges. This is a staple of your wardrobe so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars for an extraordinary fit.


Loafers have it all. They are a classic style that just happens to be on-trend right now. They come in all style types, meaning that whether you are into heels, platforms, flats, slides, mules etc… there is a version for you and it will give an air of personalization while also keeping this professional.

Please don’t think twice about reaching out if you have any questions, need clarification or would just like to talk through outfit choices. I want you to feel put together and prepared – nothing compares to confidence in an interview!

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