A Morning with SALUA Atelier Lingerie

I was so incredibly excited to be granted the opportunity to style this adorable, and just-the-right amount of sexy, chemise from SALUA Lingerie’s upcoming Spring line. This chemise has dimension, meaning that there are a few surprises up it’s non-existent sleeve. The low back is slightly gathered and has a free tie between the shoulder blades that allows you to modify to the length of strap that is the most comfortable and has a side slit that makes your legs look like they go on for days! The way this garment was produced and the fabric itself gives you the feeling it is literally floating on your skin. This is the type of sleepwear that slows you down and allows you to appreciate the small joys life has to offer – like the feeling of cozying up in a cashmere robe, the cool breeze coming in through an open window and the wonder of a slow Saturday morning.

It has been my intention, for a while now, to slow down.

My life, like everyone else’s, can easily spiral into a hectic and stressful mess if I am not intentional about providing myself the space and time to truly appreciate what I have and just relax. This last Saturday, after shooting with the amazing Caitlynn Nikula, I had the chance to sit, relax (in my new chemise) and enjoy the new additions to my living room, cuddle with the doodles, drink coffee directly from my french press and make the most amazing GF (gluten free) chocolate chip, oatmeal pancakes (You can find the recipe here –> https://www.pinterest.com/pin/12455336440344355/ ).

For all of my Seattle ladies – head over the SALUA Atelier Lingerie if you happen to find yourself in Madrona. Shadia, the owner, is incredibly warm – when I visited she knew every customer by name that came to the store during my visit. In a world of fast fashion and digital interaction, this was beyond refreshing. When was the last time you frequented a shop where the owner knows your name? It’s not a surprise that SALUA attracts repeat customers – the store is chock full of beautiful pieces and they just started carrying… drum roll… SOLID + STRIPED bathing suits! I happened to walk in while Shadia was unpacking and it definitely made me giddy for Spring. I went ahead and uploaded pictures of the store and marked the address below. You can shop their online as well at https://salualingerie.com/

Let me know how you all slow down in the comments below!





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    • Thank you so much – I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I hope you have an opportunity to slow down xo -Heidi

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