3 Stylish Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf

I have been LOVING the scarf accessory trend and splurged the other week on a BEAUTIFUL Christian Lacroix silk scarf from Nordstrom. Luckily, it was on sale and ran me just under $100. When I buy something that is a little pricier, I think about PPW (Price per Wear –> check out my blog post, if you haven’t heard me talk about the concept) and how I will get the PPW down to a reasonable amount. The best way to do this, particularly with accessories, is to think about how the accessory (in this case, a silk scarf) can elevate whatever outfit you are wearing.

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Option 1: Put a Bow on it!

Okay, I have to admit this to you guys, I originally put this look together to go to a “Hawaiian-themed birthday party”. It was one of those situations where I had on a super cute outfit, I was ready to walk out the door and Brett (my boyfriend) walks down the stairs in a Hawaiian shirt and informs me it is a theme party. I panicked and ran upstairs thinking that I didn’t have ANYTHING even remotely Hawaiian looking. It’s not like I have a coconut bra and sarong just lei’ing around (see what I did there? hehe). Thankfully, my new scarf had palms and bright colors woven into the print! Granted, this wasn’t the most Hawaiian themed option, but it worked given my 3 minute time frame to change. AND this has now turned into one of my favorite looks to date – I can’t tell you how many times, I have thrown my hair into a low bun and messily tied the scarf into a knot. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of color.

Option 2: Customize your bag!

I picked up this Theory ‘Whitney’ bag on Brett and I’s first trip to New York together, right when the circle trend was coming about and it is one of my absolute favorite going-out bags. I rarely wear this bag during the Spring/Summer because it has distinct winter look and can feel a little too luxe. The solution? Throwing a brightly covered scarf into the mix! I love the complex pattern on this scarf, that adds a bit of chaos and grunge while also lightening the mood with unexpected bright colors like neon green and coral. Seriously, throw this scarf onto any bag and it will bring together the outfit.

Option 3: Fashion yourself a bandana!

I haven’t been feeling statement jewelry lately and styling a silk scarf as a bandana is the perfect statement substitute.  Plus silk scarves feel AMAZING to wear, hence my gigantic smile. I am a huge fan of the pattern play below, but could see this scarf paired with chambray, gingham, polka dots, etc… it truly goes with everything. Oh, and PS – this top is only $20 and comes in multiple colors!